About Us

Northriding Pre-Primary actively works towards the holistic development of your child to create positive body awareness in co-ordinating spartial awareness and laterality. We work towards improving cognitive skills by improving visual striation, synthesis, tracking perception, memory, analysis, synthesis, stereonogstic and number recognition skills.

We strive to develop children who are positive, happy and self-confident and prepare our children for their journey to formal education.

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Our classes are equipped with educational toys, puzzles, games and constructional toys to develop and stimulate your child’s cognitive, pincer, fine motor co-ordination skills midline crossing skills. All children will learn to use their creative, imaginative, tactile, eye hand co-ordination and social integration skills.

All of these are designed to stimulate yours child’s mind while learning.

We combine outdoor and indoor gross-motor activities to improve your child’s sensory skills, balance and directionality skills. Music is included in our everyday activities to improve the children’s auditory skills.

The wonderful natural environment our school is situated in develops your child’s appreciation for nature, exploration awareness and imaginative skills. We promote and develop our children’s environmental awareness and allow interaction with nature. Our grounds provide a rural experience.

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